Today was a good day

Nothing really out of the ordinary happened. But today was a good day. Our son woke up at 5:40 because he wanted milk and a diaper change. He rarely wakes up at night but when he does I never refuse to give him milk, I change his diaper and he goes back to sleep immediately. At 7:00, our alarm clock woke us up and our day started.

It was an easy morning. He was happy to wake up, he played a bit with his daddy while I was preparing his school bag, he wore his clothes without a struggle, we brushed our teeth and off they went. Daddy is responsible for school drop off because it’s on the way to his job. I, on the other hand, since I’m still a stay at home mom until I manage to convince myself that I can handle being a working mom, tried to tidy up a bit, got dressed, thought of my angel babies without crying and went out of the house.

First, I went to buy presents for the two birthday parties we will attend on the weekend. It blew my mind how fast I went through all the corridors at that huge toy store. It was really early in the morning, the store had just opened so not many people were there but most importantly, I was there without my toddler so it seemed like vacation.

As soon as I was done with the shopping, I decided to go for coffee by myself. Afterall, I had my laptop and I could do some planning. I had a cappuccino with coconut milk and a butter croissant (delicious!). I sat at my favourite corner, went through my most favourite accounts on Instagram, scrolled through some old photos of my son, thought about my angel babies without crying and got some planning done.

I then went home to wait for the other 2/3 of my family to come for lunch. Lucky me, my grandmother had spaghetti bolognese prepared so I did not have to cook. And it was delicious! After lunch, hubby went back to work, son went down for his nap and I continued tidying up our wardrobes the Marie Kondo way (who knew Netflix could give me the motivation I needed to get everything out of the closets and do a proper clean out?)! I even put some music on and I smiled thinking of my angel babies.

Two hours later, I started waking up my son. He always needs time to wake up after his nap, some days he even needs 30-40 minutes! And then, play time began. Bike riding, car driving, stickers sticking (is this even a proper activity!!???), drawing, lego building. Lately, he even wants us to just sit on the sofa and pretend we have some deep conversations going while in reality I asked him about his day at school and he replies with a yes or no or a cheeky laugh. And lets not forget the snack eating.

By the time his daddy got home from work, he was overtired. But it was like he just woke up and he wanted to do everything all over again with his daddy, just like everyday. We played a bit the three of us, then I left them play the two of them with the big car, and I finished doing the dishes and laundry; how can a family of three have so many dishes and laundry almost on a daily basis is just beyond me!

Bath time is my favourite time of the day. As always, he got a bath with his daddy and I got him afterwards to cuddle (just like when we were breastfeeding) and put his pajamas on. He had his milk, we brushed our teeth, read our goodnight books and he sat in the middle of his daddy and I in our bed to see his youtube videos for 10-15 minutes before going to bed.

He fell asleep and hubby and I had time to enjoy the pilot episode of the “Designated Survivor” on Netflix before going to bed ourselves.

Yes, today was a good day.


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